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Be careful what you wish for

10 June 2016

In a recent state-wide contest of some note, it was expected that the left-wing insurgent might win, or might at least come very, very close.  I am referring, of course, to the Governor’s election in Veracruz (what else could I possibly be thinking of?).

In Veracruz, the two establishment candidates (first cousins) — Hector Yunes Landa of the PRI (and allies) was supposedly facing off against Miguel Angel Yunes for the PAN-PRD coalition.  While billed as a knock-down, drag out contest between the establishment, the major media here and abroad tended to overlook the very strong polling (at one point leading) by left-wing candidate, engineer and school teacher, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez.  Coming in a strong third (nothing to sneeze at) was something of a disappointment for García’ MORENA party, although it surprised some political writers here (and was completely ignored by the usual suspects in the U.S. media, who didn’t even bother noting that the conservative PAN was running in a coalition with left-of-center PRI.

With the outgoing PRI governor considered a crook at best, it really was no shock to anyone when the PAN-PRD cousin was declared the winner, with 34.5 percent of the vote, to 30.5 for PRI-etc.  No shock to anyone, but with PRI having run the state … basically for as long as there has been a PRI… the knee-jerk reaction was to claim fraud at the ballot box… something the main parties have all been known to engage in, so not without merit (though it is like the pot calling the kettle black).

Funny thing.  With ballots being examined, it looks like García and Morena received many more votes than were initially reported, and García’s 26.3 percent of the electorate may actually be much higher.  Unlikely to be enough to put the left in control of the governorship, but being the second party in the state (first… maybe) is not out of the realm of plausibility.


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