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They eat their own

5 September 2016

If there is one thing you learn from watching Mexican politics, it’s that conspiracy theories sometimes make sense.  I can’t vouch for this:  I’m not familiar with the website I found it on, and it seems to have been cut and pasted from one of the political columnists without attribution.  Still, what it says about the connections between political families that cross party lines, and the in-fighting among factions within the parties gives an insight into the murky world of Mexican politics.

Anything is possible, and Peña Nieto having been “set up” by his Secretary of the Treasury (Hacienda y Credito Publico), Luis Videgaray, has been suggested by the major media (Proceso, etc.).  That the diplomatic corps and Sec. of Foreign Relations, Claudia Ruiz Masseu, was cut out of the loop when it came to the controversial Trump visit, starts to make sense IF even half of this story is true.

The Atlacomulco Group, and their plans to install PAN in the Presidency in 2018 (Atlacomulco y su plan para entregarle al PAN la Presidencia en 2018)

Taking its name from a State of Mexico municipality, Atlacomulco Group originated with Isidro Fabela, who acquired the power, money, and influence needed for a political machine during his career as a diplomat during the Mexican Revolution.

Governor Alfredo Mazo Vélez, (uncle of future state governors, Alfredo del Mazo Gonzalez, Arturo Montiel, and Enrique Peña Nieto) inherited his power from Fabela, and extended the reach of the dynasty through awarding public concessions, especially in transportation. Carlos Hank Gonzalez and Emilio Chuayfett, both now deceased, were also members of the inner circle,although not blood relatives.

Not family, but within the inner circle, is Luis Videgaray, currently Mexico’s Secretary of the Treasury, and evidently, the group’s financial brain. He is presently seeking to be the next state governor, as are two of Peña Nieto’s relations, Alfredo del Mazo and Carolina Monroy.

All that aside, my hypothesis is that there is an alleged pact between the Atlacomulco Group and PAN to impose the illusion of democratic transition in 2018 with an approved backroom deal by the Mexican oligarchy.

To support this theory it is important to point out there is another family tie — between Felipe Calderon and Luis Videgaray Caso. PAN’s presidential candidate, Margarita Zavala is the cousin of Vidagaray’s wife. In short, the Calderon’s and the Secretary of the Treasury are cousins.

The reality is that Peña Nieto’s rise to the Presidency in 2012 was manufactured by the Calderón administration’s media policy, that gave an overwhelming monopoly in news and information to Televisa. The outgoing regime had needed to promote the structural reforms that foreign capital demanded to make way for foreign oil and for AT & T to enter the telecommunications sector dominated by Carlos Slim.

This explains how 12 years of looting of PEMEX under the Fox and Calderon administration. Despite obvious theft and mismanagement, the current administration by the rival party had never audited the accounts. The only exception was the Oceanography scandal, which is only a small samle of the PRI-PAN pact when it comes to the federal government.

The PRI is being destroyed from within. The arrival of Fox in 2000, with the backing of the Americans could not destroy PRI from the outside, so, US backers turned to figures in the old regime, and PRI — was the largest and most organized political institution in the country — has been sabotaged by disguised PAN technocrats and managers.

PRI never lost the reins of power despite the Ernesto Zedillo, handing over power to Fox and PAN on a silver platter by orders of US interests. The workers and agricultural confederations and unions and state governments remained in the political muscle of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which allowed them to negotiate with the PAN governments and thus preserve survive with its power intact.

Meanwhile the teachers’ union became a real power in the hands of Elba Esther Gordillo who took advantage of the transition in 2000 to create her own party. The power vacuum generated by the feud between Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, added to Gordillo’s power as payment for the political debt owed by PAN for her part in the electoral fraud perpetrated in 2006 that snatched the presidency from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. “Peje” did not have the stomach to take airports, highways and oil wells and demand the victory he had won for the people of Mexico.

To balance this hypothesis (that PAN and the Atlamolco Group are colluding in a PAN victory in 2018) it is necessary to follow the media strategy denegrating Peña Nieto step by step (or, error by error). The firm aim is to boost the political transition in 2018, but one that will involve an “impunity pact” that ignores the corruption in the Peña Nieto administration, just as Peña Nieto ignored that of the Fox and Calderón regimes.

The visit of Donald Trump is the cherry on the cake of media manipulation. PAN would return to Los Pinos on the behest of the United States in order to accelerate the pan-Latin agend for integrating “development” across the region.

In Mexico, US interests have managed to implode the PRI from within. The President himself bartered away his party’s control of the states of Veracruz, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Quintana Roo and Chihuahua for adoption of the Pact for Mexico, who managed to coerce the main political forces to promote U.S. Supported structural reforms in the legislative chambers.

Structural reforms will be safe in 2018 with a rightist government in Mexico. PAN, as the capitalist party, will give continuity to the multi-administration projects that began with Miguel de la Madrid, was accelerated by Carlos Salinas de Gortari and finalized in the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto. PAN will be able to simply rule by Yankee mandate, as it did from 2000 to 2012 where he was responsible for delivering the mineral wealth of the country to the British empire through Canadian mining and promote an agenda of terror through the alleged fight against drug trafficking it has paramilitarized entire regions of the country to supply drugs to the US market.

Mexico is a country that ignores its contemporary history and social trends. It is allowed international interests to pounce on the resources of a people who still remembers their revolutionary origins. This generates resistance to the accelerated integration of Mexico into the development model of the United States and for this reason, it needs PAN.

And PAN need the Atlacomulco Group, which own interests (always in public works contracts) will be well served, with business contracts for the new Mexico City airport project and the Toluca-Mexico City train to repay their investments.

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