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My reading of Videgaray’s “resignation”

7 September 2016

I know the US media thinks everything that happens in the world somehow is a reflection of US interests, but Videgaray’s departure probably had less to do with Trump (although that was a handy excuse for dumping him) than our own politics. Peña Nieto was already in deep doo-doo (with open calls for his resignation) and Videgaray had been defending not just Peña Nieto, but other reviled figures in the PRI, while — in an attempt to clearn up their image — the party has a new chair, who is claiming to be cleaning house (not that he is, but optics are always more important than reality when it comes to politics).

Photo: Proceso

Photo: Proceso

On top of everything else, Videgaray is “credited” with EPN’s economic policies, which have been a disappointment for the elites, and a disaster to most of us. Throw in that Videgaray was positioning himself to be the PRI’s candidate in the 2018 Presidential election (this, while his wife is a first cousin of the presumptive PAN candidate) and it appears less that the Trump fiasco was just a small push, and not what put him out on a ledge.

Throwing him “under the bus” is just a move to save an already despised administration: a human sacrifice that may or may not be enough for the people.

(And a late post-script. Also resigning today was Aristóteles Núñez, the head of SAT (our equivalent of the IRS) suggesting this had much more to do with failed economic policy than any ill-advised foreign visit).

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