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Donald Trump, father of Mexican independence?

13 February 2017

I have to say that Lorenzo Meyer has a wicked sense of humor.

(My translation from Shaila Rosagel, “Independizarse de EU no interesa al Gobierno y, por abajo del agua, se somete ante Trump: analistas“(SinEmbargo, 12 February 2017.


Mexico City, Feb 12 (SinEmbargo) .- Mexico needs a second independence, but the ruling class is unable to restructure the country’s economy to avoid depending, as it does today, on the United States, say experts consulted By SinEmbargo.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray Caso, negotiates away dignity of Mexico with United States President Donald Trump. Despite the insults and contempt for the Mexican people exibited by the billionaire, the Chancellor says he is seeking to save what can be saved of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the bilateral relationship.

“The new independence would be no longer relying on the trade ties we have with the United States. What has to be developed is an internal market economy, but we have depended mostly on the Free Trade Agreement. We need a restructuring of the Mexican economy, both in industry and agriculture, so we can dispense with an agreement like the one we have with the United States,”said José Antonio Crespo Mendoza, a political scientist at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE).

At the end of January, Lorenzo Meyer Cossio, historian and researcher at El Colegio de México (Colmex), told SinEmbargo: “In a few years, we might put a statue to Trump: he is the father of our second Independence.”

Crespo Mendoza also says that the political class governing Mexico today is not looking for that “new independence”, but, on the contrary, seeks to preserve at all costs the status quo with the United States that existed up until Trump’s arrival.

“They are not looking to restructure the Mexican economy, they are seeking to keep trade in NAFTA, as advantageously as possible for Mexico,” he said.

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  1. 16 February 2017 1:19 pm

    I’m no economist, (But it seems even the economists don’t make right decisions), but it seems to me that many things that Industry needs are already in place in Mexico whereas if President Cheeto brings jobs back from China he will have to completely restructure the Rust Belt, and then find workers with an ingrained work etic who truly wish to produce a product they can be proud of. Also Industrialists look at workers in China who get paid $4 dollars a day and they look at workers in the USA who bitch and whine and want $15 dollars an hour (8 hour day= $120 dollars a day) and thet think… I’m losing $116 dollars a day per worker.
    A Mexican will put a ton of stuff on a two wheeler and load it on a semi… An American will insist he needs a forklift, preferably with an airconditioned cab or he will either go on strike or call OSHA. Somehow I feel that Agent Orange cannot fix the problem…actually I don’t think he wants to fix it.

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