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When Gringolandia sends their people, they’re not sending their best…

16 February 2017

Via various Mexican media:

13-February 2017 (Mexico City)  Timothy Paul Hitchcock, a US citizen, was arrested by the Investigative Police (PDI) for pedophilia.

capturaUsing forged papers, and calling himself Tim Andrews, Hitchcock was a teacher at the prestigious Westhill Institute Kinder in Lomas de Chapultepec.

After his arrest for molesting the ten-year old son of a U.S. Embassy official, Hitchcock admitted to a 2009  conviction in Florida, also for sexual molestation of a minor.  At the time of his arrest, he was a religious music programmer with a Lakeland Florida country-music station.  Sentenced to ten years, he was given probation, under terms that included mental health treatment.  Considered by the Justice Department to be a “predatorary pedophile who represents a constant danger to society, especially children,” Hitchcock’s data and photograph was included on the  National Sex Offender’s Public Website.

Instead of serving the terms of his probation, Hitchcock fled from a residential center in Georgia for Puebla, where he obtained a falsified Mexican birth certificate, under the name Tim Andrews (he passed himself off as the Mexican-born child of a US couple) and began working for several private schools. 

Alerted to the situation by U.S. Embassy, following a three week investigation, Hitchcock was remanded to the Reclusio Oriente, where he faces a string of charges here, as well as parole violations and other charges in the United States. 

Questions that need to be asked.

Do foreign schools do any vetting at all on their would-be employees? For a short time, I was an administrator with a private ESL service.  Our clients were adults, and I expect — given the low pay and crappy working conditions we had — that our gringo teachers would have papered over some gaps in their resumes, and that our Mexican nationals might be omitting the actual circumstances of their return home, but still I did some checking, and recommended we NOT hire a few (or at least not hire them for classes with any adolescents in them).   However, I would expect schools for children, especially prestigious private academies like Westhills, would have done more in the way of background checks.

Would Mexican authorities have investigated had this not been a upper-class institute, or if the complaint had come from a middle-class or working Mexican family?  Hard to say, but we are seeing more and more cases where the prosecutors are going after wealthy and/or privileged people (like priests) accused of pedophilia.  Among the masses, though, this is still being dealt with largely extrajudicially… the neighbors (or the family and their relations and friends) seeking private justice.

Should the US authorities have kept a better watch on Hitchcock?  Uh… yes.

Is there a certain amount of schadenfreude in posting the story of “bad hombres” who cross the border from the US into Mexico.  You betcha!

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  1. historiadeturismo permalink
    17 February 2017 6:49 am

    Good post Richard… and BTW… there’s a lot to be said for “private justice”


  2. 17 February 2017 4:52 pm

    Clearly, many Americans still think the best way to hide from the law is to run off to Mexico.

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