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Derailing the election… by design?

11 April 2018

Under the assumption that this candidate, Jaime Ramírez, El Bronco, will be able to cut into the margin of López Obrador, the group in power preferred to extinguish all legitimacy of the electoral authorities in order to inflict a wound on the opposition leader. For the time being, it has become clear that most of the [Electoral] Tribunal’s ministers are party hacks in power. We knew that [PRI had an edge in the Tribuna], we did not know that they were employees willing to commit any ignominy when so ordered.

Jorge Zapada Patterson in El País.

Qualifying “El Bronco” for the presidential ballot has been, so far, the most desperate (and obvious) attempt to … if not stop the AMLO campaign (or at least cut enough into his eventual vote count to cover any “irregularities” that would give some legitimacy to claims that it was “too close to call” and another candidate is declared the winner (a la 2006), then to blow the system up, delegitimizing the whole idea of contested elections.

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  1. gene gaudi permalink
    12 April 2018 2:32 pm

    You write like you are following AMLO’s script sent out through the media. The working people understand that AMLO has not worked a day in 12 years but manages to travel around the world and be broke at the same time.

  2. stanleywinborne3 permalink
    13 April 2018 10:21 pm

    When I try to look at your cristiada book I get a wordpress site in some Asian looking language. I think you have a wacky link.

    Love your work. Thanks!
    Stanley Winborne

    • 14 April 2018 12:23 am

      Sorry to hear that happened . The publisher is gone,. Send me an email address, and I’ll look for the on-line files or a PDF version to send you.

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