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Dumb and dumber: Trump on NAFTA

24 April 2018

Translated from “Trump pide a México actuar como agente migratorio a cambio de acuerdo sobre el TLCAN“, J. Jesús Esquivel , April 23, 2018, Proceso.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has once again called for new conditions for the restructuring of NAFTA, insisting the Mexican government act as a US immigration agent, preventing the entry of undocumented immigrants in his country.

“Mexico, whose immigration laws are very strict, must prevent people from reaching the United States through Mexico. We could make this a condition for the new NAFTA. Our country cannot accept what is happening, we must also have the funds to finance the construction of the wall soon, “Trump wrote Monday morning on his personal Twitter account.

Trump’s conditions come just as what may be the last stage of renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between his government, Canada and Mexico is about to begin.

On Monday the Mexican Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, and the Secretary of Economy, Idelfonso Guajardo, will arrive in the US capital to participate in the plenary session that will take place on Tuesday the 24th with their Canadian and US counterparts.

Why would anyone think it wa sthe job of one nation to enforce the administrative procedures of another nation?

Is Mexico expected to determine the reason any citizen or visitor is leaving the country? Maybe this is “doable” in North Korea, but here… nah!

Will the United States reciprocate, and keep its own citizens from traveling?

How does one determine who is leaving the country not to return, and who is going for an extended vacation, or for some other reason?

Does Trump even know what a Free Trade Agreement is?

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