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Is Honduras burning… too?

6 June 2019

As the Mexican government has been trying to explain to the so-far deaf and blind Trump Administration, the roots of the so-called “migration crisis” like not in Mexico, or a Mexican reluctance to sign on to the fascist policies of the United States, but on conditions in Honduras, Guatemala and Salvador… reported on by Deacon John Donaghy from Copan.

Honduras suffering and struggling

I thought of naming this blog post “Honduras is burning,” but the situation is much more complicated. Not only are the forests and fields being burned, the hope of many people are being burnt up – but something may be rising from the ashes.

So I’m calling it “Honduras suffering and struggling.”

           Statement by the Honduran BIshops.

Friday, April 26, there was a paro, a general strike, which amounted to work stoppages in several areas of public works (including health and education) as well as marches and some blocking of roads. Monday it continued.

At the end of the month of May, there were two more days of serious protests, that included major blockages of roads throughout the country. The government responded in force – with tear gas and live ammunition.

Why the protests?

(Continues here)

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