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Many Mexicos… many TJs

9 June 2019

“Real Mexico” is not one or two stereotypes taken from old westerns, or tourist websites.  It is rural Oaxaca and third-gender Zapotecs, Catholic processions, radical labor organization, farmers, “pueblos magicos”, tourists, migrants, gangsters, “creatives”, urban sprawl, maquiadors, and — always the cultural mishmash you find nowhere more than in-your-face Tijuana.

Mexfiles is not quite sure what to make of this video (from  On the one hand it does show us a Tijuana far from the usual foreign media memes .. drugs, guns, migrants, and on the other hand, while these club kids (if that term is still used) are involved in something socially useful, the video is a hot mess, sorta like TJ at tis best.

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