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Crazy AMLO! He’ll save you money!

1 October 2019

Socialists are supposed to be big spenders.  What are they doing wrong?

For the first six months of the year, despite major increases in Social Security, National Health, welfare programs and the military budget (mostly raises for soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen/women), the Mexican government UNDERSPENT its budget by 5.2%

Most of the savings were in discretionary budgets, led by 85% less spent by the Presidency.  Admittedly, 40% of the drop was dispensing with the “Estado Mayor”, the Presidential military guard (which included a whole military band, and ceremonial artillery battalion), but even so… along with a 75% cut in spending by the Secretary of Tourism..  The Home Secretary (Secretary of Governance) cut her spending by almost 35% and all cabinet level departments spent less than programmed.  The Legislature finally got serious about their ridiculous overhead, cutting their expenses by about a third, and even the judiciary, which fought tooth and nail to maintain their privileges spend six percent less than they could have.

Despite more funding going to what are now called “State Productive Enterprises”, PEMEX and the state electric company, CFE, also cut discretionary spending about  five percent.

Aside from discretionary spending, there was a budget increase to pay off the national debt, although spending more now will lead to savings in the future.

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  1. norm permalink
    2 October 2019 10:05 am

    On government spending in general: The more tax money sent to people who will spend it the day they get it, the better off all levels of a given polity will be.

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