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Show me the… body?

1 October 2019

It’s hard to say whether it is more a Mexican telenovela script, or the usual weirdness one expects to come out of Florida, but the case of the missing body (and death certificate) for José José makes for a welcome break from the usual run of the news.

Presumably, the master of the “slit your wrists” ballads did die last Saturday in Miami, where he was being treated for pancreatic cancer… and under the care of his youngest daughter, Sarita.  However, when the late crooners two older children from a previous marriage arrived from Mexico to view their father’s remains… they were nowhere to be found.  Although the matter was reported to the local police, and …. absent a death certificate… there is no indication that José José IS dead, with Sarita refusing to divulge further details, one is free to speculate about what’s going on.

Based on vast experience with the doings of the elites… i.e., watching a couple of Telenovelas over the years…. best guess is that, with his recordings still hugely profitable, and having (allegely) signed over his rights to Sarita, the details of the patriarch’s death had been covered up (a la the latest Netflix rich family with squabbling heir drama, “Monarcha”) …. not so much that dying from cancer is scandalous… but that the financial situation is not as cut and dried as we think.  Or, that he wasn’t as well cared for as one would expect, and the “dutiful” Sarita has something to hide.

OR…. less Telenovelesque, but certainly in the cut-throat traditions of Florida… José José body is being commodified.  His funeral will be a major event sure to draw in massive crowds, and probably televised…. with high priced ad revenues from throughout Latin America.  Given the near fanaticism of José José’s fan base, a Florida send-off is a sure money-maker. Videos of his “tributes” are bound to sell well.  Were the Mexican children to have custody of the body, the funeral would be one of those semi-state occasions (like María Felix, Carlos Monsiváis, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez — despite being a Colombian — merited).  Certainly over the top, with screaming fans cheering on the hearse as it made its way to wherever the remains were to be deposited, but nothing likely to bring in a quick financial return.

Or… maybe it will be an on-going saga, with a secret will, a plot twist, and an unexpected heir.  Stay tuned for the next episode.

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