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¡SI!… or maybe not.

1 August 2021

The question asked on today’s “Consulta Popular” was simple, or rather could have been. The actual wording (in my translation) was:

Do you agree or disagree that pertinent actions should be carried out, in accordance with the constitutional and legal system, to undertake a process of clarification of the political decisions made in the past years by political actors aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of potential victims?

A mealy mouthed way (to satisfy some of the backers of those “political actors” of “the past years” to not say what is meant… should the crooks who ran this country over the last thirty years be frog-marched down Reforma and sent to the slammer?

At last count, the vote was somewhere between 90 and 97 percent in favor. HOWEVER… under the complicated regulations that had to be worked out to even allow a public referendum of this kind, at least 40% of the elctorate needs to actually vote. With most Television networks and the “mainstream” media opting to mention the consulra as little as possible (Mexfile’s TV news comes from Azteca, which I don’t think mentioned the upcoming consulta in any of its regular 6 to 8 PM newscasts).

Last numbers seen (from about an hour ago: 8:40 Mexico City time) had less than 8 percent voter turnout.


Mexico’s most unwanted

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