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Send us your tired, your poor (oligarchs)…

4 March 2022

Ah, another refugee… Oleg Tinkoff managed to flee the war in eastern Europe, arriving with nothing but his boat, a mere 77 meters long and 6.5 deep and the small remains of his once vast fortune. Thanks to sanctions, stock market dives and asset freezes, his five billion dollar personal fortune ($5,000,000,000) has been reduced to a mere $800,000,000.

So, what’s a near penniless refugee to do, but get to work? Rumors are that TInkoff… who already owns a large chunk of prime real estate in Cabo San Lucas plans to turn his little boat into a floating luxury hotel… a seaside dacha, no doubt coming down in the world, but a little reminder of the glory days in the balmy Decembers of Moscow.

The boat people arrive… (photo: Milenio)

Seriously, the guy is making all the right noises about having opposed the war with Ukraine, and questioning the financial hit Russia is taking… which makes me wonder whether or not his claimed anti-war statement is genuinely motivated by altruism, and how much by how much his pocketbook has taken a hit.

(Magnate ruso deja su país tras invasión a Ucrania y se refugia con su yate en Los Cabos)

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