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Freedom of the press?

6 March 2022

Faced with this new strategy of social control . . . citizens must demand their right to information, to all information, whether the de facto powers . . . like it or not.

Outside Mexfile’s usual sphere of (no) influence, other than to say ¡gracías! to whomever came with a workaround to still get information from “the other side” though to neutral countries like this one. Today, there was mention in Spanish-language media that EFE… the major Spanish-language wire service… had closed its offices in Russia, this after Russian media was cut off from Europe (and mostly from the United States, at least on the social media sites). Even if Russian sources might be suspect, it would be perfectly normal for foreign media covering this war to maintain objectivity, and say, for example, “According to Russian media…” or “Ukrainian television is reporting…” or whatever.

Readers are NOT stupid. And who’d expect it was the Communists who stood up for freedom of information?

With that in mind, an editorial from Red Press International (a wire service based in Spain, available (with a few articles now and again… mostly on Puerto Rico… in English) at “El Comunista Net” (

Following the European Union’s to ban distribution of Russian media, including on social networks, i.e. to decree what its citizens should read, watch and listen to and what they could not, we are witnessing an obscene Russophobic media campaign , full of false news and images, headlines that lack the truth and even more troubling, complete silence when events do not reflect the western interests.

Let’s look at some news not released by the Western media machine:

“Just a few minutes ago the Azov fighters activated explosives placed earlier in Mariupol. Up to 200 people are under the rubble at the moment, most of them are women and children”, according to Denis Pushilin, leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, speaking to Channel 1.

T he Russian Ministry of Defense accused Kiev of covering up a bio-weapon program financed by the Pentagon. Employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories had handed over documents on the destruction of “particularly dangerous plague and anthrax pathogens,” in a plant located near the Russian border. This according to the agency’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov. This, in spite of it being a violation by both the United States and Ukraine of of Article 1 of the UN Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxic weapons. The Ukrainian Ministry of Health sent instructions to all biological laboratories ordering the immediately elimination reservoirs of dangerous pathogens.

The United States may have helped Ukraine work towards the development of nuclear weapons, a source from a competent Russian department told Sputnik. “In recent years, Ukraine has intensified the exploration of deep layers in the territory of existing uranium mines, as well as the development of promising uranium deposits, in particular in the Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd regions,” the source said. . According to the source, the representatives of Kiev began a dialogue with foreign companies to receive assistance in creating their own uranium enrichment companies.

Alexandr Dubinski, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, posted on Telegram Saturday (5 March) that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU, for its acronym in Ukrainian) assassinated Denis Kireyev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation in the first round of negotiations in Moscow and Kiev, “During his detention by SBU officers, the member of the first Ukrainian delegation in Gomel (Belarus province) Denis Kireyev was killed. He was suspected of treason,” Dubinski wrote on his Telegram channel.

US Senator Lindsey Graham posted on his Twitter account about the current situation between Russia and Ukraine. In his statements, the Republican made reference to Brutus and Colonel Stauffenberg, a clear allusion to the idea of ​​assassinating Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And so we could fill many pages. The western press is silent, not only one press censorship within Russia, but about the pressures being exerted on western journalists, including Spaniards. They have joined a a brazen propaganda campaign that shreds the truth of what has been happening over the last eight years, and is now happening in Ukraine.

Faced with this new strategy of social control, European citizens must demand their right to information, to all information, whether the de facto arms powers, European bureaucrats and US intelligence like it or not.

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  1. Lar permalink
    7 March 2022 6:39 am

    Yes, we are being deprived of the truth of how the peace-loving social democrats of Holy Mother Russia are bringing liberty to the evil U.S. backed empire of Fascist Ukraine (who had the audacity to not smear Biden on behalf of the kindly Mr. Trump and the judicial giant Rudy Giuliani). After all, isn’t the “Voice of America” widely advertised in Havana and Caracas? (Sarcasm)

    Overlooked point: The once neutral countries of Europe: Switzerland, Sweden and Finland have opted to support Ukraine. Perhaps they have some better insight into the obliteration of the status quo in Eastern Europe than Red Press International.

    • 7 March 2022 7:39 pm

      “Perhaps they have some better insight into the obliteration of the status quo in Eastern Europe than Red Press International.”

      A good point, but that does not change the fact that there are “other voices” and other agendas out there, especially coming from the “global south”. One reason I started the site 20 years ago was that what I read in the English-language (US primarily) media too often reflected US assumptions of what Mexico’s position SHOULD BE, rather than what they were, or the weight given US concerns.

      And as it is, what Red Press International was doing was simply saying “this and that is being reported” not that “this and that is true or false”.

      • Lar permalink
        7 March 2022 8:43 pm

        There are no reporters at the actual front in Ukraine so we, the news consuming public, have to rely on hearsay. The story is so much a replay of 1939 only the Ukrainians have learned tactics and strategy that the Poles could not, and here the “allies,” though not bound by treaty, are actually trying to assist. There is so much carnage on the ground that would not be there if not for the will of one man in Russia… I can not abide excuses from a Russian perspective for this war… Radio Sputnik (Russia) is broadcasting at 1390 AM in the Washington DC area. You will not find the equivalent in Moscow. Mexico’s position on this conflict, or India’s are not my concern. I want the people of Ukraine and Russia to live!

      • 7 March 2022 8:52 pm

        If your interest is not in the Mexican perspective, or that of other nations, why are you responding to this in the first place?

  2. Rebecca Ore permalink
    7 March 2022 4:10 pm

    For all the criticism of Ortega, BBC and Reuters, and social media venues weren’t censored by the Ortega government during the time I’ve been living here (Facebook did dump a number of pro Ortega posters, not all of whom were bots). But I’m also glad that the Latin America slightly to very left of center countries abstained from supporting Russia. Looks like an invasion US style to me — invading because of possibilities, not actions. Seems like from Al Jazeera that both sides have some white supremacist/Nazi units. And both sides have had brothers-at-arms killed.

    Imagine what would happen if parts of Mexico that the US took in the 19th Century voted to be free during a larger collapse of the US. They might have every right to do this, but I don’t expect that the US wouldn’t react.

    It’s always more complicated on the ground. Don’t know if Claro is filtering access or not, suspect not but haven’t checked.

    Overall, my sympathies are for the small countries against any of the empires, absent a defense of slavery, racism, or nasty repression of their own.

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