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Rituals of life and death

16 September 2022

With most of the world’s (or at least the global north’s) media obsessed with the rituals surrounding the not unforseeing death of a nonagenarian European monarch, Mexfiles would like to present another ritual… pompous to be sure, and a bit absurd like all rituals tend to be… but one that celebrates not the power and weath of an imperialist state… but the modest aspirations of a Republic. AND… more importanly… one specifically calling for the death of the very things that underpin the “legitimacy” of monarchs.

One thing notable, and something I don’t think has been done before is that besides the usual “Vivas!” … for Liberty, Equality, Justice, Democracy, Soverignty, Universal Brotherhood, and Peace (Universal Brotherhood not being one generally acknowledged in all Republics… especially those with imperial ambitions of their own) there were the “MUERAS!” … Death to the evils of our society: Death to corruption! Death to racism! Death to classism!

Death to the very foundations of monarchy, and imperialism!

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