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Whatever it is… I’m against it!

17 September 2022

Or… don’t give peace a chance.

In the series of “VIVA!” at the grito, AMLO gave a shoutout to “universal brotherhood”… something proposed in foreign policy (to be presented to the United Nations General Assembly this week). Specifically, a halt to the Russian invasion (ok, “special military operation”… a military/legal term two steps below a declarion of war and one below a “anti-terrorist campaign”) in Ukraine, while the conflicting claims of the two sides (not Ukraine, but it’s NATO/Western financiers) and Russia are worked up, under the auspices of the UN (the Secretary General, Antonio Guterrez), Pope Francis, and Indian Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, broker an agreement.

Yes, it’s more than a bit idealistic, and perhaps naive, to expect anything to come out of such a proposal (with the old post WWII powers still having veto power and permanent seats in the Security Council, no way those countries — with their massive financial dependence on wars and military investments — will sign off), and it would be perfectly understandable for Ukraine to object to one or more of the proposed negotiators (India has tradionally been the big dog in the non-aligned nations movement, but it has had better relations with the old Soviet Union, and still has with Russia, to possibly be acceptable to the Ukrainians. OK, maybe Mexico’s next president, or some ofther global southern worthy), but to dismiss it out of hand…

It was a good faith offer, and for Mykhailo Podoliak, a “special advisor” to Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenski, to “tweet” that the plan is “Russian” (uh… no, it’s Mexican, from a country with enough oil, fertilizer and grain to weather the sanctions, and a modest arms industry, most foreign purchases being from NATO nations), and… more insultingly, the AMLO’s good faith suggestion is for his own political benefit.

What benefit? Reluctance to “get along” with the NATO/Western powers has been a constant irritation for Ukraine’s #1 financial backers… the big country on their northern border that’s invaded them before, and holds financial sway over Mexico’s ability to manouver in any direction in foreign policy. The United States has been “negotiating” (i.e., trying to twist the arms, or at least dampen support) for this government over less any number of issues affecting the two countries… electrical power, lithium, oil exports, not to mention its apparent unwillingness to even consider (or let mention) of Mexico’s open support for Julian Assange and free speech that contradicts the western narratives.

My suspicion is that the Ukrainian and NATO politicans are the ones who are using this war (or invasion, or “special military operation”) for political gain.

Ok, Myhailo… do you have a counter-proposal? Otherwise, STFU.

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