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Bomb Mexico… really? Or, something else.

11 April 2023

If only people like US Member of Congress, for Georgia Marjorie Taylor-Green, echoing the ravings of Donald Trump had been suggesting the US needs to “launch airtrikes on Mexico“… ostensively in reaction to the inability of the United States to get a handle on its fentenyl and opiate abuse issues ., , this could be laughed off… but it isn’t.

Rerpublican Party member of Congress have been swift to join Taylor-Greene.

The Chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, apparently suggested bombing Mexican “drug labs” during his previous position within the Trump Administration. Although Comer has refused to comment on the allegation, “The GOP chairman’s extreme pronouncements are part of a bigger push by House Republicans to appear tough on border issues”.

While such calls, mostly from Republicans, to “brand” (ill-defined) Mexican “cartels”(and, with the kidnapping and murder of US citizens in Matamoros… for reasons that are still unclear…the calls include powerful Senators, Lindsay Graham and John Kennedy) as foreign “terorists”. This would — at least from the United State’s (and several of the more powerful nations around the world) give the US a self-proclaimed right to use military force in Mexico.

Trump’s Former Attorney Geneval, Bill Barr, following his former boss in comparing the so-called “cartels” to ISIS, also speaks with open disdain of AMLO’s “abrazos no balazos” policies (best not translated as “hugs not bullets”, but “embrace, not erase”… basically provide the social and economic services to the population that makes criminal activity less attractive).

Which lends itself to the suggestion that fentinyl … in itself … is not what is really bothering US policy makers.

Simultenously… and probably not by accident… his has been coupled with moves by both the State Department and and various US “think tanks” and CIA cut-outs like the Natinal Endowment for Democracy to reframe the recent political reforms in Mexico (espcially in the electoral bureaucracy) as an “assault on Democracy” there is a very real sense that the US… Democrats and Republicans… are both attempting to stem Mexico’s move towards the international left.

Following the relatively large demonstrations in late February organized by the parties of the opposition (mostly PAN and PRI, though apparently the handiwork of Mexico’s one-man version of the Koch Brothers, Claudio X. Gonzales and his “Va Por Mexico” movement (or is it now Unid@s?… he keeps changing the name as his various sponored organizations fall apart, or fail to take off) ostenively in defense of the present structure of the Electoral Institute (INE for its initials in Spanish), tweeted out a message suggesting that the present government is somehow “undemocratic”… short-hand US diplo-speak for “We want to save you from yourselves — an argument picked up by neo-conservative “influencers” David Frum and Anne Applebaum in their house-organ, The Atlantic.

Perhaps those of you obsessed with “drug cartels” should be more concerned with the recent conviction of General Garcia Luna after an abbreviated trial… Garcia Luna’s protectors and promotors going back to the Clinton Administration’s Ambassador to Mexico, Jeffrey Davadow, and his support by every CIA, DEA,State Department since the Clinton Administration, there is every reason to assume the trial was cut short BEFORE Garcia Luna could testify about US connectins and tacit support for the “cartels”. There’s not much need to note that “cartels” couldn’t function without functionaries within the US (perhaps including the so-called “deep state”) to distribute the goods, and handle receivables.

While so far, the Biden administration has “poo-pooed” the simplistic “bomb Mexico” talk, one doesn’t need to put on a tin-foil hat to recognize a two-pronged attack on Mexican polical independence, with people like Greene and Lindsay Graham getting the attention while the overt support for the Mexican right by the US government is just overlooked… similar in ways the Obama Administration (and Sec of State Hillary Clinton) worked to undermine left leaning Paraguay… and justify a coup in Honduras.

Mexico’s adminstration has been firing back at the outrageous and frankly stupid “kill ’em all, and let the Lord sort ’em out” (as have others — here and here, for example) to much less publicity in the United States. And… perhaps… not publicized to let people overlook that fentinyl is something of a stalking horse for what the United States really wants from Mexico: backing away from nationalization of it’s resources, and the on-going “demand” that it buy corn from midwestern (and Republican leaning) exporters. Coupled, of course, with Mexico’s independent foreign policies, and the strong liklihood that the next Mexican adminstration will deepen and broaden the “Fourth Transformation”.


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