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Chronicle of an overdose foretold?

12 April 2023

Europe’s heroin market could soon be in for a supply shock, and experts fear the gap could be filled by something much worse.

Almost all heroin consumed in Europe comes from Afghanistan, where the Taliban have imposed a ban on poppy cultivation that will take effect in the coming weeks.

The likely poppy shortage could make it more profitable for criminals to manufacture synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, to be sold to desperate addicts denied their hit of heroin.

Noah Alcala Bach, “Taliban poppy ban puts Europe on fentanyl alert“, Politico (30 Mqrch 2023)

Givcen what’s been said about the danger in the United States of fentinyl coming (allegedly) from Mexico (see post below), maybe it IS time to consider legalizing the opium and heroin trade. Harm reduction and less deaths from overdoses? Or… too logical?

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