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Higher ambitions for Vicente Fox?

13 April 2023

Former President Vicente Fox — whose “autobiography” (likely written by Rob Allyn, or his PR team) “Revolution of Hope” (which I bought used for 10 pesos and can’t locate now) takes care to paint him as a simple son f the soil… er, one whose haciend-owning family was on the wrong side of the Revolution, butt humble and hard-working for all that simple farmers shipping their produce north of the border — might return to the agricultural sector. In a higher capacity.

Carrots and onions never go out of style, .. but there are other crops that offer a better return, and marijuana continues to enjoy thriving sales. Although being in the … uh… unregulated … agricultural export sector, it might be unseemly for a former president t be openly hawking his wares in public. Centrainly, Fox has pushed to chnage the legal situation. He severs, or has served, on the board of directors of both High Times magazine, and a Canadian “medical cannibis” firm. He also… it appears, snagged 25 of the 62 licenses to legally produce medical cannibis in expectation that Congress will eventually get around to writing the regulatory guidelines. FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE END OF THE PEÑA NIETO ADMINISTRATION!

Of course, Fox denies this, thoough… uhhh-uhhh.. donno man… yeah, maybe.

El Pais, “López Obrador afirma que Cofepris dio licencias a empresas vinculadas a Vicente Fox para vender derivados del cannabis” (11 April 2023)

Contralinea, “Multinacional Khiron, vínculo de Fox con permisos sobre marihuana” (12 April 2023)

López-Doriga Digital, “Reprobable e inmoral que Fox se dedique al negocio de cannabis: AMLO” (13 April 2023)

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